Turning art into action



The 'Open-eye' logotype was designed precisely as such for Living Art for a very simple reason - we believe that   everybody is fundamentally good, and that the negative and ill of the world largely comes from closed eyes. So the mission is, quite simply, to open as many eyes as possible. In the words of the great spiritual philosopher Eckhart Tolle 'Darkness cannot exist in the   presence of light'  
The central piece of Symphony for the Mountains is many things but it is principally a theme about the Spirit of Humanity. It is about the light - that all things great and good are borne of the oneness of the world. You will never see a negative image as a part of a Living Art exhibition. There is no need. Illuminating, positive images of the world will quite simply yield more positive illuminated views of the world and ultimately a greater good passed forward.  

Yes, we all need to turn off electric lights, we all need to recycle and not for one second would I undermine this. Every small action counts, regardless of what's happening in say China. But, and it's a big but, the big global necessary change will need huge cultural shifts in perception, in lifestyle and ultimately in national decision making at a higher level.  
Living Art isn't setting out any political agenda. It would be naive to say we aren't political. Everything at some level is part of the political thrust of where it is, however we are not out to make a political statement. Rather, we hold an independent viewpoint that in order for the world to really change, for the big happiness, the greater good of the world, further major change in how we live our lives is required. The wonderful David Attenborough purports the need for us to share, I agree we do. Heaven knows we need to share more in the UK, as we spiral into a greedy, selfish, affluent country of me, me, me's. It doesn't have to be this way. We are confident the problem can be   solved at a more grassroots level by thousands of us seeing the world with   new eyes, to see everything in it with new eyes; the animals, the landscape, the flowers and ourselves. Then we can begin to recognise the beauty it all shares and   be motivated to take the action our planet needs. 
As the Dalai Lama has so gracefully demonstrated, there are only two important things upon which everything else in life is built -   'love and compassion'.  
Extending this to people as well as animals and everything living is very much the way to help solve the whole global problem.     
We all know the answer It's getting there that will require the effort...   Well, I always thought it was 42, but there we go. We now have to work out what's the question or, with respect to the great late Douglas Adams, what all the questions are we need to ask to get to the solution.  

Less talk more action  
Making a difference - doing something practical - just doing something - the first   steps are the most important and step 1. is learning selflessness.  
I for one won't be becoming a Buddhist   Monk, although it is certainly proving quite  tempting. There is just too much work to do here. Si Homfray     

'Expanding this inner environment to the   larger community around you will bring   unity, harmony, and cooperation; expanding   peace further still to nations and then to   the world will bring mutual trust, mutual   respect, sincere communication, and   finally successful joint efforts to solve the   world's problems. All this is possible.   But first we must change ourselves.'   His Holiness The Dalai Lama