Symphony for the Mountains


Symphony for the mountains

Opening Notes of a Symphony 

Symphony for the Mountains is Living Art's major new touring exhibition; mixing state of the art interactive technology with awe inspiring  images. 

We came up with the idea for many  reasons. The stark beauty and sheer  grandeur of mountains clearly makes them inspiring subjects for artistic work. People who climb also develop a strong relationship with their immediate environment, a spiritual  connection that shines in their photographs, paintings and writing. Mountains are literally on the edge; both of human endeavour and climate change. Those who have climbed the highest peaks have taken a lot of small steps to reach the top while melting  glaciers are all too quickly changing the face of the mountain landscape. We realised that both of these symbolise what we are trying to do.

Emphasising the Environment 

The environment has really hit the  headlines since we launched Living Art  in 2004. The media has finally moved  the environment up their agenda and  even some political parties claim to be  taking it seriously. This should be great  news for the world but is it just more  hot air being blown into the  atmosphere? Will the talk-talk lead to  enough action? Living Art was born out  of our concern for the environment; as  a simple and positive way to raise  awareness about our changing world.  And through doing so, help make the  changes that really need to happen. 
If we can produce work that stimulates  an interest in how amazing our world is  then we may encourage more people to  take the sort of direct action needed to  care for our planet. We are realistic  enough to know we can only have a very  small part to play but, as every  mountaineer knows, small first steps  lead to greater things.