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Living Art Issue 1 2

The metamorphosis of an egg to a butterfly is an amazing wonder of the natural world. Progressing through each vital stage of development with great determination, adopting very different forms to emerge as a fragile and very precious beautiful work of nature's art, enthusiastic for its quest to succeed. Living Art is an emerging foundation, an organisation evolving from an equally determined body. Passionate about art, the environment and enormously appreciative of our natural heritage, the team at Living Art are resolute in achieving it's mission: To inspire professional artists and enthusiasts alike, communities and the general public to take an active interest in our natural world, to increase awareness of the fascinating life that thrives within with the ultimate aim to effect change and safeguard its future.

Team News During 2007, Sarah and I joined Si and Kate to focus on communicating the Living Art mission to a bigger audience, to attract new members and supporters, to attract funding and sponsorship - all of which are key to our future. Si has returned from Nepal with refreshed vigour and a wealth of images and experiences to share within the Symphony for the Mountains exhibition.

Membership of Living Art is growing. We already have 50+ professional members, 100+ artists and 300+ exhibiting members. It's free to join so log onto to share your work and inspire others to make a difference. Living Art's gallery in Hathersage, at the heart of the Peak District National Park, hosted the Friends of the Peak District's annual photographic competition in June, a lovely venue open to all and currently exhibiting Symphony for the Mountains.

Like the butterfly, we too are adopting very different forms to spread our message, bringing artists and communities together for national exhibitions and touring shows. Over the next 12 months you will be able to enjoy:
• Symphony for the Mountains, part 2: Action, Adrenalin & Living
• Symphony for the Mountains, part 3: Epic & Epiphany
• Heath & Heaven: a touring exhibition featuring at The National Park's conference
• Heath & Heaven: part 2 The Lake District National Park - an aerial view
• Living Art City Tour: taking the countryside to town
• The Big Picture of Natural Britain: a giant work of art created online
• Kendal Film Festival: an audio-visual finale of Symphony for the Mountains

Living Art's workshop, run by Ben Homfray, is stepping up a pace and provides everything from the design to the production of your framed print complimented by a comprehensive range of products and services. If you are in a hurry we offer an express service where we can return your completed order within 3 working days.

The website, a key element in communicating the Living Art story, is constantly evolving, encouraging members to upload fresh content shortly to include podcasts and videos. Our members are encouraged to share materials and experiences and, in true Web 2.0 style, create their own unique community.

Our quest to succeed is untiring; we are immensely proud of the support you have already given us, but we need more. If you would like to get involved with Living Art and support our perfectly formed and evolving team build an impressive and beautiful foundation, please contact me at Living Art either by email or telephone on 01433 650555.

Thank you,
Helen Wallis Business Development Officer