Living Art Mission & Overview


Living Art is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to support the environment through Art. To achieve this we are focusing on our core activities:

1. Bringing artists together for exhibitions and shows, for example 'The Living Landscape'.
2. Bringing artists and the public together to create unique works of Art, for example 'The Big Picture of Natural Britain and Ireland'.
By using the latest technologies in presentation and communication we will create ever expanding collaborations, and deliver ever bigger, enhanced and more impressive works. Living Art exhibitions are designed to entertain, engage and stimulate diverse and broader audiences, for example 'The Symphony for the Mountains'. 


Ultimately, Living Art exists to promote the beauty of nature, to educate and entertain. Through the promotion and uptake of our core activities, we are encouraging professional artists, amateur enthusiasts, communities and the general public to be inspired, to have fun and to take an active interest in the environment with the ultimate aim to effect change and safeguard its future. 

Living Art directs multiple original projects and themed exhibitions at any one time; these works are constantly evolving, dynamic and designed to have maximum impact on their audience. The theme's however are always constant... 'celebrating the beauty of nature'. 

Living Art recognises that our work may directly or indirectly have an impact on the local, regional and global environment. To minimise this impact we aim to: • Promote a sense of responsibility for the environment through raising environmental awareness to both staff, visitors, members and magazine readership • Take steps to continuously minimise and reduce the amount of energy and natural resources consumed by our activities • Use electricity from renewable resources • Use energy saving devices where possible, such as light bulbs • Minimise, reduce and recycle waste generated, operating a paperless office. • Prevent pollution through limiting travel, both for staff and visitors 

Living Art are building a foundation for the environment, a collective of concerned individuals and organisations who pull together in the Living Art spirit - a dedication to change, to educate, to inform and to entertain with love and compassion. 

It is felt that the best way to promote the beauty of nature is to let people see it. Our exhibitions capture the beauty of different landscapes, environments, countries and cultures. The works are exhibited in a manner that will inspire more people to get out there, to appreciate and respect the environment in which we all live. We want to encourage everyone to participate and contribute to our exhibitions, many of which will go on tour nationally in order to get the groundbreaking levels of publicity so necessary for the cause. 



From the very beginning, Living Art realised that websites are empowering, that the future success of websites is where the websites are run by the people, for the people, by creating their own content. Giant online democracies are just that; as such they encourage honest and instant feedback, self-steering what is necessary to make things happen. Called Web 2.0 amongst web developers, we call it common sense. The Living Art team and its members will continue to create one of the greatest community websites of all time. 

The online shop features products from our exhibitions and complimentary products we have sourced that contain an appropriate artistic or environmental element. Sales from our online shop allow supporters to take a piece of Living Art home, to share the enjoyment and message with others and gives the project the vital support it needs to flourish. Many of our products we have carefully selected to specifically help people to help the environment, from ideas for writing on recycled paper to sponsoring endangered species.

We are always seeking to work with likeminded individuals and organisations. The print and web publishing side of Living Art is run through Hammer Design, our sister company and to date the primary source of funding. If you appreciate the quality and values of our magazine, our website and supporting marketing material and have work that deserves similarly high levels of professionalism, energy and creative excellence, please talk to us. It will drive our cause, it will drive your cause and be good fun working with like minded individuals. 

In order to deliver the highest quality it is important to do everything we can ourselves. We print works from many professional artists, all of whom deserve and demand the best, so it followed that this is our standard. The Workshop is subsidised and exists for Living Art members to enjoy a personal, professional standard of service and benefit from favourable prices.