Living Art Comes Alive




I love running, I absolutely blooming love it. It clears the mind, the body and it gives me clarity. It is a privilege to run, it is a privilege to run in one of the most beautiful parks in the world and it is a gift that I can.

In equal measure I hate racing, but maybe that's just me. I want to enjoy everything at my own selfish, self-absorbed pace and not without good reason. Apart from not seeing the detail when you race, everything becomes part of a goal and the end is all that matters. Big stuff this goal orientation and only a small step away from creating a society that cares more for things than people. Chasing bigger houses and cars instead of slowing down to enjoy friends around them. Sure, there are ways to do both, but with hindsight, as a slightly grumpy old person, I see this racing for stuff, this racing for everything as getting faster and faster in an completely unsustainable way.

Living Art is about slowing down, it's about showing the unimaginable beauty of everything when you do stop and look at it all, wow! Everyday, anyone can stop and look at the world with new eyes, now, right now and see stuff they haven't seen before. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and be touched by it all out there, wow!

Yes, I am mad, mad that everyone is talking about matters and seem to be doing nothing. It has often been a lonely vigil, sat in this office for two and half years, with some very late nights, thinking and talking about what is to be done, doing what little I can and frustrated by how much we need to do.

However, on the glass is half full front, working two and a half full time jobs to find the funds to put all this together has in many ways been easy. The support and wonderful people we have met along the way, and I say we now, as we really are a great little team, totally committed and enjoying every minute of finally seeing the way forward.

Being constantly interrupted at work by a stream of people who ask questions, declare how much they want to get involved and who share what we believe in has been great, an absolute joy. I believe, and I will keep ranting on about it, that we are all the solution as well as the problem. Every small conversation, every action, every smile will make this world change for the better. There is a simple message, a simple solution to what we need to do and that is, be the best we can be, do what we can do, change what we can change. Ultimately it's all about energy, it's all about the great extended family that we all belong to... the human race. Si Homfray