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John MacPherson Selected as a Living Art Featured Member - John MacPherson certainly has a lot to contribute to our fantastic project and the artistic world as a whole.

His images are striking and inspiring, John is a Scottish professional photographer renowned for creating bold and unique images. Self taught, his photography has taken him to some amazing places; John clearly has some fascinating stories to tell as well as those his pictures tell for themselves.

Living Art is determined to engage everyone who loves the environment, to bring together both professional and amateur enthusiasts to promote the beauty of nature through Art. Celebrated Scottish photographer John MacPherson is a prime example of how one may influence the other, representing the smooth transition from amateur to professional status, of how a successful career can be borne from a combined passion and appreciation of one's natural surroundings to become a fulfilling way of life.
John's early chequered working life included a short time as a welder at Yarrow Shipbuilders in Glasgow, a slightly more prolonged period as a carpenter before qualifying as a social worker, but photography was always his first love: "My photography has grown out of my early desire to travel. During trips around the remote Scottish Highlands I have been introduced to many wonderful sights; I wanted to capture these images, to record all that I encountered, to share my experiences with others".
Several overseas adventures in Africa, Europe and the USA facilitated the evolution of John's career as a professional photographer: "I am self-taught and have learned by trial and error and no small amount of hard work. Blessed with an insatiable curiosity to learn I have pursued various disciplines within the craft of image-making but feel most comfortable working in the outdoors, with people and their natural environment. Thirty years on, my work reflects my life-long interest in the natural world, the involvement and work of people in nature and the environment.

"I undertake a variety of commercial photographic work, with a particular interest in landscape, environmental and natural history photography; 30 years later I have gained a wide reputation for producing original, unusual and dramatic images, often working in difficult physical conditions or marginal weather." John has experienced some extraordinary circumstances in the quest for that great shot: caught in an erupting volcano, struck by lightning and even shot at but by far his worst experience was "being stuck in a house in Sweden for two weeks with only a book of Jeffrey Archer short stories to read - an utterly hellish affair I would not ever care to repeat".

John's overriding passion in photography is light - how it works, why it works, what it can do for your pictures in making them special. "I watch light, think about it, wonder about it, and often I am lucky enough to capture it in ways that make people stop and consider my work. The biggest failing in most images that 'just don't work' is the lack of good light. Light is everything in photography;knowing how it does, what it does, and how you can control it, can make your images really sing.