Building the Big Picture



Living Art collect and amass fabulous works of art from professional artists for exhibitions and shows but we also need the public to participate. Our mission cannot be achieved without the help of amateur enthusiasts, those of you who also appreciate the beauty of the natural world as seen through the lens of a camera, felt through the stroke of a brush or lovingly sculptured through feeling hands.

Our first of such projects is 'The Big Picture of Natural Britain and Ireland', the first-ever online portrait of our natural heritage, created entirely online and presented as a giant aerial map for exhibition at public venues throughout Great Britain and Ireland.
The Big Picture is a collaborative partnership between both professional artists and amateur enthusiasts with common values - an appreciation, respect and love of the environment. This public mosaic masterpiece will be made up entirely of 2236 images of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales' landscape; of people enjoying its natural, recreational facilities; images capturing its abundance of flora and fauna - all submitted directly to the Living Art website.

Living Art is also running The Big Picture competition. Everyone who submits an image will automatically be entered and the winners will receive large printed canvases of their work and £500 worth of vouchers to spend on photographic equipment.

Once completed, this giant aerial map will be decorated with illustrative work kindly provided by calligrapher and illustrator, Inkymole, aka Sarah J Coleman, enjoying a sound reputation nationally and internationally. Outdoor banners measuring either 8m x 4m or 4m x 2m will be displayed at public venues throughout Great Britain and Ireland.

A touring exhibition piece
We have already secured a number of venues around the country, but if you would like to display The Big Picture Banner yourself as part of a public exhibition, we would love to hear from you. 


We need your help to bring the country's attention to just how wonderful the British natural landscape really is. We intend to create a public work of art made up entirely of your images of the country, then hang it as a banner which will tour with us around the country and maybe further! 
Make your statement and contribute an image of the British or Irish landscape, flora, wildlife or people enjoying the landscape. Ultimately one image from every exhibiting member is selected and placed into a relevant location (dependent upon where it was taken) on the giant aerial map of the U.K.
Register and see progress online at   

To be part of this exciting venture, visit our website, become an exhibiting member of Living Art and submit your images - it's easy! And this is what we give you in return:-
• FREE poster of the Big Picture of Natural Britain ( limited edition 800mmx400mm )
• FREE membership of Living Art including members discount and offers from our online shop and workshop.
• FREE web page to exhibit your work
• FREE Living Art magazine
• FREE automatic entry into our monthly online competitions
• A chance to win a giant canvas and £500 of photographic equipment