My blog named Life and Paintings is mostly about Art. I am interesting in traveling and immersion in different cultures, poetry, writing, languages, nature... I love animals too and we have one nice dog . My blog Planetary Thinking I started not long ago but I decided to write there all what come on my mind. I have much more to add here , for this moment not time ... I love nature ! In every time of year I am able to see something nice around me . I have one house very near sea and early in the morning one can hear only symphony of different birds. No cars, no bad smell there. In the night time the sky is full of stars . There are pine trees wood . It is small fisherman's village not very far away of my town . I have many pictures from there because as I wrote before I love natural beauty.

Coastal and Marine Landscape

General Landscape


Wild Animals


About sannitta

I am an Painter. All my life I like nature. Even many of my Paintings was olive tree or sea, mountains, flowers etc. Also I like to snap photos of natural beauty. I am mother of two grown boys.