Tom Hesketh

Hi, my name is Tom Hesketh and I'm a student studying Film and Television Production at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk. I am doing the degree with the intent of becoming a professional wildlife photographer and videographer and I hope to specialise in UK wildlife.

I started photography around 2 years ago and quickly got into it. As a consequence I bought my first DSLR rather quickly and have never looked back. My particular favourite subjects are birds, especially wildfowl. I am currently tracking the progress of young Canada Goslings at the Edge Hill University pond as a fun little side project which is very enjoyable.

I have a genuine love of animals with my favourite being the Common Kingfisher and hope to get the chance to photograph them. My love of animals is a big part of my life and I love the thrill of learning new things about them and learning to identify new species. Although I have a lot of learning to do as a naturalist, I am devoted to the cause and intend to continue learning and striving for more knowledge about animals.

I aim to use my wildlife photography to create awareness of environmental damage, habitat destruction and the cause of wildlife all over the world. I also believe that this must start not in a far away exotic country but here in the UK where I intend to do a number of projects if I can get some funding to start out on these projects properly.

I am currently in the process of planning and attempting to acquire funding for a project in my local area. My hope is to raise the profile of local sites and reserves and hopefully increase people's care for these places. I would do this by using my photos taken in the local area and presenting them in a variety of formats to people both in the local area and the entire country. I am also hoping to pursue some journalism on the subject.

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About Tom Hesketh

Hi, my name is Tom Hesketh and I'm an amateur wildlife photographer and videographer from Ormskirk in Lancashire. I am currently trying to get a long term project funded.