There are few countries I haven't visited at one time or another over the last 60+ years and most I would not return to without a good reason. But there are some exceptions, especially New Zealand, South Island. Beautiful and mysterious, a wonderful place to slow down, to look and to listen. But if I had to live outside of the UK I think it would be Alaska - when I'm asked to describe Alaska I picture Scotland, on steroids! . I love the high places of the world. When you are high, preferably with the cloud rolling down towards you and maybe just a hint of rain in the offing, the peace and quiet it does the sole good. No matter that you are probably going to get very wet, very soon. Traveling the world has allowed me to capture many, many places on film and in later years in digital - I think it's time I started to share some of these images.


About SteppingLightly

Forty years of travelling the world has confirmed my suspicion that the only place to be is high on a Scottish hill with the cloud rolling in, just let the quiet seep deep into the sole.