Robbie Shone

Adventure and travel photographer Robbie Shone has taken his camera to some of the most wild and remote places on the planet. With an overwhelming interest in capturing unbelievable, unique images, Robbie has photographed some of the world’s most spectacular caves.

Born in 1980, Robbie grew up in a rural village suburb 25 miles west of Manchester, UK. Robbie spent many a weekend in his teen years walking and climbing in the mountains of Scotland, the Lake District and Wales culminating in a four-week trip to Nepal to complete the Annapurna Circuit. It was whilst returning from this adventure that he realized his passion. Photography. He went on to study Fine Art/Photography for three years in Sheffield where an interest in caving and underground exploration began, as did a desire to capture images from extraordinary locations in caves. Photographing the UK’s largest natural shaft called Titan (145m deep), in Peak Cavern resulted in full national press/media coverage as breaking news.

Robbie has also featured in National Geographic magazine (Sept 06 issue) as part of an international caving expedition to explore some of the world’s largest river caves in Papua New Guinea and to try and promote conservation in this area heavily destroyed by the logging industry.

With that, and his work for the BBC inside the Arctic Circle making a documentary about Global Warming, Robbie has refined skills in working in hostile environments and difficult conditions.

Robbie is also an IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) qualified level 3, supervisor. IRATA is established as the world’s leading authority on industrial rope access.