Richard Cooper

Living in The Peak District provides masses of inspiration for any landscape photographer. I am fascinated by the different ways in which changing light can transform a scene in minutes. The vast majority of my photography is concerned with the drama and emotion that can be seen in the Peak District landscape throughout the seasons. From the serenity of Dovedale through to the barren landscape of Stanage Edge and the dramatic peaks of Mam Tor and Kinder Scout, I try to capture the true essence of the landscape that we are provided with. I use various photographic techniques to achieve my own personal style, and do as much “in camera” work as possible, keeping computer processing to an absolute minimum. My photography both inspires me and gives me a good excuse to explore the length and breadth of my native Peak District.

Born and brought up in Derbyshire, I has never been too far away from the rugged beauty of the Peak District landscape. I spent many weekends as a child walking through the dales and hills, and often holidayed in the Dark Peak area.

I have no official training in photography, but have developed a keen interest in it over the last few years, following on from my father’s own hobby.

I hope that I have developed a distinctive and contemporary style of my own, and I can often be seen trekking across Derbyshire, fighting the elements with camera in hand. I rarely take photographs of blue skies, preferring to concentrate on the more dramatic effects of a stormy day or early sunrise to make my pictures stand apart from the crowd. Although being primarily concerned with the wider landscape, the majority of my photographs include a distinctive focal point, be it a weathered tree or a rushing waterfall, to add a sense of scale to the overall image.

I have also travelled throughout the UK, visiting as many dramatic and beautiful places as possible, including Northumberland, Teesdale, Cornwall, The Lake District, and Snowdonia


About Richard Cooper

Landscape photography, mainly from The Peak District