Martin Field

As an artist I use photography as an inspiration. The urban landscape can be as interesting as the wild, perhaps not as picturesque. My interest is to tread the narrow divide between form and content; where arrangement can jostle for precedence over subject. Stark form is often an end in itself. A subtext for the urban shots could be signs of the times - signs of decay. I do like skies, big skies and the quiet minimalism of an empty seascape, tranquility and reflection, a sense of space. Perhaps I do have too much fun with photoshop. It is so tempting to over cook and mess but then I used to do that in the darkroom too. Despite having a DSLR parting with my OM system is too much to bear but I am not likely to use film again. Website where you can see my photography and how it translates into painting.

Enjoying the Landscape