I live in South east London, but love travelling and both the coast and countryside, and go out and explore somewhere either locally or further afield every weekend if I can. I usually don't go anywhere - almost - without a camera of some kind with me, as you never know when you might see something at any time! My favourite subjects are things that change, such as the weather, light conditions and wildlife and countryside and coast. I love light and shade, and would love to become good enough to be able to sell even one of my images, but just want to show people the beauty of our world, and stop rushing around for a minute to notice things, such as clouds, a dewdrop on a leaf or a frosted spider's web, and the beauty that is out there if we just take a minute to stop and notice it.


About Lisadorne

I have been interested in photography ever since I was old enough to hold a camera, my first camera being a Kodak instamatic! I have only moved to digital in the last year or so, and find I am learning more and quicker by being able to see the results on the view screen immediately, rather than waiting for the film to be developed - I still like film photograpy but find digital has helped me improve my pictures greatly.