Biography: I create art because it is part of my creative, fighting spirit. I paint because I enjoy painting in oil, airbrushing or watercolors. Creating new art makes me feel liberated and happy. I want my art to make people happy and at peace with themselves. I am inspired by old sailing ships and by the sea. I am passionate about painting the sea, ships, tropical scenes and beach scenes. My inspiration for the sea is expressed through my vision of painting marine scenes and ships. I am also passionate about tropical scenes. I am passionate about oil painting and airbrushing. My message is for people to be happy and find peace. This is what I want to viewer to see in my paintings. I have been working on the classical oil painting techniques with various layers including imprimatura, various glazes and underlayers. It takes a couple of months in the creation of one of my pieces. My work is a reflection of my passion for life and love of the sea. My technique and style include the classical oil painting techniques of the Italian Masters. I also plan to diversify into the area of oil painting portraits. I have been influenced by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali in the area of abstract art. I began as an abstract artist but changed to marine paintings. Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci have also influenced me. In terms of marine painters, Robert Salmon, William A Coulter, James Edward Buttersworth, Shane Couch, Peter E. Egeli and Robert C. Semler have been influential in their oil painting style. My passion, technique and style relate to my vision and philosophy through the formation and development of Kelton Fine Arts. It is the organizational vision and mission of Kelton Fine Arts to commit to providing unique high-quality classical style artistic products at the best prices and courteous service. This includes the finest selection of the very best classical style oil and airbrushing paintings that are not readily available at the local artistic community. It is our vision to be the United States and your International premier oil and airbrushing painting gallery and store that provides an abundance of quality products such as oil paintings, airbrushing paintings, acrylic paintings at reasonable prices. The future goal of Kelton Fine Arts is to maintain growth and profitability and providing unique high-quality classical oil, airbrushing and acrylic paintings. Kelton Fine Arts plans to implement in the future a concentric diversification and a horizontal integration of all of our unique artistic product lines. We plant to concentrate on marine and sailing oil paintings. Memberships: EBSQ Self-Representing Artists Florida Keys Council for the Arts – Artist Eastern Shore Alabama (Fairhope, AL) Arts Center – Artist Bay Rivers Art Guild – Daphne, AL - Artist

Absorbed in Nature

Coastal and Marine Landscape


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Name: Rossana Kelton Age: 50 Hometown: Montevideo, Uruguay, South America School: Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ Current Hometown: Daphne, Alabama