I am a self-taught fine art photographer from Sweden. Since child hood I have played with shapes and colors. It really only is the medium who has changed through the years.

In 2009 I finally decided to give digital photography a serious try . Due to this change of medium a whole new world opened up to me, I had my images in big international competitions like the PX3 and IPA and won in the first and had an honorable nomination in the second.

My work is inspired mostly by my own history of physical and mental illness since my early childhood. Struggling through decades with these kind of things made me finally loose touch with my soul. In 2004 I also was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder 1, after having a psychotic breakdown , which lasted nine months.

You could say I was born again during this episode, but that is too easy. I painted and I wrote a lot, my creativity flourished. But it took years of medication and therapy to manage the faces of my Bipolar disorder. (The depressions tends to be very distructive). Today my life is all about creating images of beauty with a deeper meaning inspired by nature .

I have found that abstracting the subject gives me the best options to use my imagination through experiments with light and motion. To quote Georgia O´Keeffe, ‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see’.

My tools of choice are the Canon 5D Mark II, with the Lensbaby Composer, selective optics, and macro filters. I work in my studio the major part of time because it's where I can find the stillness I need to be able to listen to my soul and create something new. My favorite subjects are flowers grown in my own garden.


About KatarinaFagerstromLevring

I am a Swedish fine art photographer and my specialty is abstracting flowers to colorful and emotional works of art.