John Griffin

I enjoy photography because it is a way to see the world in a different way. To be able to focus on a particular view or scene and see shapes, colours and movement that you would otherwise miss. Photographs can make the ordinary look extraordinary and it feels good when that happens.

PS Digital is best.

Absorbed in Nature

General Landscape

Hills and Dales

Lakes, Lochs and Tarns

Sunset and Sunrise

Urban Landscape

Wild Flowers and Grasses


About John Griffin

My self portait was taken on the Humber Bridge in 2006 but I live and work in and around Derby. I have 3 cameras, nothing too flash it is just that I like to have one for every occasion. My Sony DSC-R1 for "Photographic Expeditions" an Olympus 710 to carry discreetly at all times and a Canon Powershot A520 which is super quick for close up action.