Jenny Mather

Concepts, ideas and themes
I’m very conscious of an ongoing creative process between self, creation and Creator. During the process of creating a painting I continually seek to capture that first moment of wonder when an aspect of landscape, piece of music, or an experience becomes sharply focused. This 'Aha' moment is a juxtaposition between the reality of known substance and the mystery of spiritual dimension which creates a new field of energy and revelation.My work is semi-abstract yet retains figurative elements which allow the observer to engage with the image. Vital elements within the work are relationships and rhythm between self and subject. These encounters are extended when in commissions I work closely with a client to understand and interpret their vision into an image.

Born and brought up in N Yorkshire, a classical training at the Slade School of Fine Art was followed by 10 years teaching in Nigeria, W Africa. These experiences gave me the ability to combine technique and spontaneity, Western aesthetics and the rhythms of African art.Returning to UK and based in Sheffield, I taught in secondary education before post graduate Art Therapy at Sheffield University led to work in special education, then some years with Family Service Unit and as a tutor on the Sheffield University Art Therapy course.

From my early passion I’ve come full circle – through years of encouraging others to self employment as Artist/Tutor in my own studio/gallery – my commitment to painting and the search to find suitable venues to exhibit, which allow people space and time to engage with and reflect on my work

Exhibitions and Studio Sessions
Since ’97 I have had at least 1 solo exhibition each year in a variety of galleries at Hope and Chesterfield, Sheffield University, Merlin Theatre Sheffield, Churches, Losehill Hall National Park Conference centre, Renishaw Hall stately home and Cromford Mill. I have also shown work further afield at a residence in Knaresborough, N Yorks, Scarborough Art Gallery, Llangollen Wales, Canterbury Cathedral Hall and as part of a travelling exhibition throughout Sweden. Each May I open my studio to visitors as part of the Sheffield Open Up and Derbyshire Open Arts events and hold my own Open Studio event in November.As a member of the prestigious Peak District Products I exhibit at Edensor Hall, Chatsworth; and at The Great Dome Art Fair in Buxton Dome. THis is part of the Buxton Fringe Festival; most PDP memebrs exhibit there. Recent solo exhibitions were at Southwell Minster in the spring of 2007, and in Soest, Germany in the summer of 2008. From my studio/gallery in Bamford, I run regular Studio Sessions and Art Therapy workshops. Details are on my website


About Jenny Mather

Jenny continually seeks to capture that first moment of wonder when an aspect of landscape, piece of music, or an experience becomes sharply focused...