I am, like millions of others, a keen amateur photographer, and have been for over 30 years, I profess no artistic ability, other than being able to identify images that please me.

It is the capturing in a moment, an image that can last a lifetime and beyond, which is the thrill for me,even after all this time, it continues to amaze me.

Looking at the photographs exhibited, enthuses me to do better, some of them are absolutely stunning. Being able to vote for the ones that inspire me, is a privilege.

Having been a diehard 35mm user, I was slow to take up Digital, but have to admit its the best thing that has happened to photography since the 35mm SLR, being able to capture an image and immediatly see and store it is amazing, no more messing about in darkrooms, wondering if the latent image is as good as you hope for, or even there at all.

But that of course is only my opinion.