Helen Simcox

I get my love of the sea from my upbringing, I never lived more than 12 miles from the ocean. I can remember wonderful summer evenings sitting on the shore, long after everyone else had gone home, watching the ocean and going for a last swim when the sea was still warm from the heat of the day.This was the reason I moved to The Isle of Seil. I now live on the seas doorstep and never grow tired of watching the sea; I love the way it changes with the light, creating different moods and atmospheres. I particularly like stormy skies and seas. To stand in a storm force wind that you can lean in to and watch the waves crashing onto the rocks on the shore, taste the salt on your lips is amazing - there is nothing quite like it. I am more than fortunate to be surrounded by such inspiration.

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About Helen Simcox

West of Scotland Contemporary artist. Living and working in the West of Scotland.