My work has long been involved in the natural world, mainly with the versatile, sustainable and enchanting Willow tree... I build sculptures, living and non-living, and enjoy sharing my skills with others, believing our greater contact with nature, and our creative selves, are routes to a balanced, healthy and happy life - for me, being creative is totally essential to my being, especially my emotional well-being.

I love to paint, mainly abstract, and often get commissioned to paint murals in educational and community settings: nature, of course, being the main subject, especially as most of the settings I have painted in are urban environments.

I love photography and have recently been exploring the world of digital media and live art.

As artists, we are constantly growing and exploring - I love collaboration and the sparks of inspiration that come from this - I always feel privileged to work with other artists.

Although my winters are often taken up with willow work, I work in various creative environments - the summer often finds me at festivals, where I can immerse myself in nature and free creativity.


About GeorgiaWisbey

Inspired by the natural and the invisible world, I love to work with the magical Willow tree - living and non-living sculptures, sharing skills in educational and community settings, painting and film