Dave Parry

I am a South Yorkshire native, based in Sheffield, a “hard industrial city in the North of England”. It’s ground-zero for British rockclimbing, and sits on the flanks of the Peak District. So you’ll see this is a pretty good place to be if you’re a climber and photographer.

Climbing wise I’m a man of simple pleasures – I’m quite happy bouldering and soloing at my local crags. Although I’ve climbed in a few very nice places abroad, I most enjoy the gritstone edges on crisp spring days after work, and summer evenings kicking around dusty limestone crags in the Derbyshire dales.

I started off taking photos seriously through climbing, to document the days out I’d had with friends, but nothing more than just casual ‘snaps’. Some of these snaps turned out less bad than others, so I carried on. Fortunately as a climber in the UK we have the pleasure of frequenting some crags in outstanding natural environments, and so I found taking photos seemed a good way to try and take a bit of the outdoors back home with me.

Over the years my interest evolved into a deeper appreciation of the medium and I gravitated primarily towards fine art landscape photography. Of course climbing and travel photography still hold an inevitable draw for me, which I’m quite happy pursuing when the opportunity arises.

The majority of my landscape shots are now taken with a 4×5″ field camera, Currently an Ebony RSW45, sometimes with a panoramic 120 back. This is a rather Victorian looking setup but it brings home the results and the generously proportioned film contains a tremendous amount of detail and complete control over perspective and depth of field. I predominantly use 90mm & 150mm lenses, recently adding a 65mm, 203mm and 300mm to full out the kit, although I never carry more than three of these at any one time, often just two.

Forest and Woodland

Sunset and Sunrise


Urban Landscape

Wild Flowers and Grasses