Dave Harden

I live in Derbyshire, not far from Matlock, with my wife and kids and have grown up in and around the Peak District so it's very close to my heart. I also have a great passion for the Lake District and given half a chance would live there tomorrow! I currently do some commercial work on a semi-professional basis and I'm hoping to develop (pardon the pun) this further with the ultimate aim of doing it for a living. If I can do something with landscape photography then all the better but either way I'm never happier than when I'm behind a camera, working out a picture. I also want to improve my wildlife photography but rarely seem to have the time to do it!

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About Dave Harden

A Derbyshire (nr Crich) based semi-pro commercial photographer, what I really love is landscape and nature work and am never happier than when I'm "getting out there", even though my opportunities are often limited!