Dav Thomas

For me landscape photography is not about place or location, it's about mood; emotion. Often my images aren't recognisable as particular locations, my aim is to portray the quiet solitude of the landscape – and the majesty of the light and weather.

Our varied weather makes for a demanding and exciting theatre to capture our varied and spectacular landscape. The beauty of this landscape is revealed by the ever changing light, whether it's the steely greys of a rainy afternoon or the soft pastel tones of a morning mist.

It's probably my background as a graphic designer in me that draws me towards simple yet striking forms in the landscape, often drawing on repetition and bold layering of colour and textures – forming strong visual compositions.

I work with fellow large format landscape photographer Tim Parkin to run large format landscape photography workshops in the Peak District as well as locations further afield in the UK. www.landscapephotographyworkshops.com


About Dav Thomas

Dav Thomas is a professional landscape photographer based in Sheffield, working mainly in the Peak District. Dav shares his passion for large format photography - leading workshops in the Peaks