Darren Heaps

I specialize in wildlife and natural landscapes. I use various equipment including digital and film. I like to dabble with new technology and also keep my hand in with the old.

I believe that one of the secrets to good photography is travel.

I have been fortunate to have had the privilege of travelling throughout most of Central and Eastern Europe, America, Canada, Italy and Cyprus. These days however, I spend most of my time in my home country of Great Britain. I have often crossed the border into beautiful Scotland , a country which I would love as my own. I have also ventured west to Ireland and explored my Celtic roots.

It all makes me feel so lucky to be part of this divine world in which we live.

The sights which I have witnessed cannot be fully appreciated in a photograph but only reproduced with the careful skill of the photographer.

Here are some of my 'humble' photographic attempts to capture that which I have seen. I hope that you enjoy them.

Darren Heaps

Contact: info@darrenheaps.co.uk

General Landscape

Lichen, Mosses and Fungii

Wild Animals

Wild Flowers and Grasses


About Darren Heaps

A Nottingham based Photographer with over 30 years experience with 35mm and Medium Format Photography. He now concentrates mainly on Digital using Nikon Full frame DSLR's