Chris Tayler

My initial interest in photography arose whilst training as a Ranger in the Peak District National Park, as a means of recording where I went, and what I saw and learnt. More recently I obtained a Nikon D100 digital SLR camera, which gave me more scope for photographing flowers and wildlife. I set myself a project to photograph the flowers of the Upper Derwent Valley; this is proving a long-term task as I learn about more and more flowers! My interest in photography has encouraged me to become more observant, to be more aware of the changes with the seasons and the weather. In particular, the flower photographs show me detail that I would not normally notice. Now I am working in Westminster, and the photos from the Upper Derwent on a screensaver keep me connected with the Peak District between visits. I also have connections in Brazil, where there is a huge variety of species of flowers, and some very dramatic landscapes.


About Chris Tayler

Developed an interest in photography whilst training as a National park Ranger, and have since taken hundreds of photos whilst patrolling the Upper Derwent Valley. I am seeking to show not just the beauty of the landscapes, but the interesting forms and textures, and the changes of seasons and weather. Set myself a long- term project to photograph flowers of the Upper Derwent Valley.