Charlotte Nielsen

Danish born, Derbyshire based, I carry a small ordinary 'aim and shoot... maybe zoom in a bit' digital camera on most trips. I never cease being amazed at what can be captured with such a small plastic box that fits in any pocket. I have always taken photos throughout my life, but after going digital I have been having much more fun in nature. I love the way all sorts of colours, textures, shapes, light, and usual as well as unusual sights can make hours fly by. I love taking time out with my camera as a welcome antidote to a busy worklife. Having no professional equipment I spend a lot of time practicing standing/sitting/lying VERY still, trying not to breathe (or laugh at myself) to avoid blurring... or looking for leaves and stones on the ground to place the camera on to keep wet and dirt out. Wonderful hours of being lost in nature.


About Charlotte Nielsen

Have camera, will travel.... round the local hills of wonderful Derbyshire or anywhere.