Carl Brightman

I have had a passion for photography since I first stepped into a Darkroom at School.Whilst traveling in Spain I got a job in photography taking photographs for postcards and brochures. When I returned home I decided to go to university so I could pursue a career in photography.I went to Hertford Regional College and gained a Diploma in Art and Design. I then went to Salisbury College and gained a Degree in Photography. I also gained a British Institute of Professional Photography Diploma.The area of photography that I work in is Still life and Editorial. My Still Life photography work is based around flowers, plants and nature. I often grow my own flowers and plants so I can observe then through their life cycle. Through this observation I can capture their essence and being. Their existence is captured in the click of a shutter and we can look back and recapture a transient memory long forgotten.Editorial Photography for me is about being Committed to creating compelling images that portray the subject naturally.I have gained many commissions since leaving college. Most recently I have photographed an up and coming Rock Artist Lachlan Horne for his debut Album "The Time Has Come". I have also been commissioned by Drum and Bass Artist Dom & Roland to produce photographic elements for his latest album "Chronological".

About Carl Brightman

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