Beata Moore is a professional landscape photographer and writer. She has been passionate about photography since the time she received her first camera, aged twelve. Initially interested in recording nature, she attained a postgraduate degree in botany and as time progressed, her interests widened; now she enjoys taking pictures of landscapes, architecture and general travel.

Beata’s images are distinctive; bold colours, strong composition and a celebration of light that enables her to perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the places that goes beyond a mere record of the time and place. She is deeply passionate about environment and her work shows the affinity with the natural world. Her meticulous approach to research and her far reaching vision shine in her books that cover landscapes, travel photography and architecture. Versatile and creative, she always strives to get that special image from the mosaic of shapes, forms, textures and light.

Beata travels widely on both personal and commissioned projects for commercial, editorial and magazine related clientele. She has written a number of fascinating books including “The Channel Islands”, “Portrait of Wimbledon”, “The Square Mile – photographic portrait of the City”, “Cracow: City of Treasures”, “A Year in the life of the New Forest” and “A Year in the Life of the Cotswolds”. She has also produced two further books via the on-demand publishing services, “Blooms, nature’s art” and “St. John the Baptist Church, Old Malden”. Her photographs have been published in numerous magazines and books and her work has been exhibited at galleries in London and across the UK. You can see more editorial and commercial images of Beata Moore on National Trust Images and Alamy.


About BeataMoore

Beata Moore is a professional landscape photographer and writer living in Kingston-upon-Thames. Her work has been published all over the world in magazines and books and shown in galleries across UK.