Based in France in my early years, and later London, I dedicated 10 years of my life exploring the medical world from different perspectives. I began by starting out as a qualified nurse at les Hopitaux de l’Assistance Public de Paris in France. Through this work, my eye was trained to attend to fine details and develop a precision for observation and a profound fascination for the miracle of our nature developed within me. The simple generosity of the magical colors, smells, shapes, textures and sounds of nature are the perfect alchemy to creativity beyond belief and imagination.

‘The whole function of the artist in the world is to be a seeing and feeling creature’ Leonardo D’ Vinci I began on my journey of exploration, walking and photographing wildlife and wild nature from the Scottish Isles and highlands, the Lake District, Kew Botanical Gardens and peak district. The earth, the sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, mountains and sea were all abundant through the lens. I believe that connecting with nature provides a powerful healing tool for our DNA and our cells. Nature’s abundant generosity is the master key to our true happiness.

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‘L’art est la nature de l’homme: la nature est l’art de Dieu’