My name is Andrew Gilbert, originally trained as a design engineer these days I work for a multinational computer software company helping to guide the products future innovations. My passion however is for landscape photography and for the last couple of years I have been building up a small business selling my own work as well as undertaking commission work.

I use a variety of cameras both film and digital depending on what I am trying to achieve. The basis of my digital system is a 40 megapixel digital back more commonly used in the fashion industry and I balance this with traditional film in both medium format and large format - that's a 4x5inch negative which when scanned gets close to 800 megapixels of gorgeous detail! My main camera is a Chinese Chamonix made from Teak & Carbon fibre, a real mix of the old and the new - esp. when used with the digital back - this gives me the control and creative freedom I want, there is nothing quite like an upside down image at 4x5inches in size when it comes to creating an image and hiding under a darkcloth to do it just adds to the fun!

I combine a passion for photography with an equal passion for the countryside and am happiest at 5am walking up a hill or mountain under a carpet of stars to get to the right spot in time for sunrise and the magical light it brings. For me photography is a way of sharing these moments and the feelings that come with them.

Beyond all this I am a keen skier and have recently started skiing off-piste on my annual trips to Austria - not for the faint hearted but incredibly beautiful.

My main interest at present is to promote my photography and grow it into a business that I eventually intend to retire into - hopefully sooner rather than later.


About AndrewGilbert

Derbyshire based with a day job as well as a (far more interesting) passion for landscape photography. Usually found up on a hill/mountain/cliff somewhere at sunrise/sunset!!