The Exhibition Images

The Exhibition Images for The Living Landscape:

Living Landscape II, a celebration of the Peak District National Park, presents a glorious perspective on Europe’s most visited national park. The exhibition comprises work as seen through the eyes of some of those who know it best: artists that live and work within the Peak District.

to The Living Landscape II include:
John Beatty, Paul Hill MBE, Mark Hamblin, Karen Frenkel, Bridget Flemming, Ray Manley, Mike Williams, Graham Dunn, Lee Beel, Stephen Elliott, Jonathan Ratnage and Adam Long.

The exhibition aims to convey the detail, the warmth, the essence of why we use our Park, why we love our Park, and why we should celebrate our Park and continue to fight to conserve it for future generations to enjoy.

General Landscape

Heath and Moorland

Hills and Dales

National Parks

Natural Elements

Sunset and Sunrise

The Living Landscape

The Living Landscape II


Wild Flowers and Grasses

Working the Land