Simon Nadin

Now living in Sutherland, Simon Nadin's professional photography has proved very succesful with work appearing across many publications and associated with many brands.

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As a climber: 'Simon Nadin is a legend. Once commonly described as the “one you’re unlikely to have heard of,” although this can’t really be the case any more – his secret is out. He’s mostly remembered for being a modest, lanky, beer-drinking climbing world champion. Someone to aspire to. It is true what they say, that by repeating his routes you tend to get a measure of the man. An absolute all-rounder; technical, bold, powerful, delicate, it didn’t matter and all light years ahead of their time. All his routes represent new levels, a breakthrough in boldness and technicality which still command a great deal of respect today and all from a man who we could see in ourselves. A dude who would drink beer and play down his ascents with a modesty seldom encountered in today’s sponsor fuelled arena, where bullsh*t and headline grabbing seem to be the new order of the day." Andy Turner for the BMC Magazine.