Oliver Metherell

I took a year out in 2003 to teach myself photogaphy. I'm still learning, and these images are one of the few out of the tens of thousands that I've taken that stand out. I'm inspired by Ian Parnell with his 'photography from the front line' approach to photography. I also get a lot of inspiration from Alpinist magazine. I'm into reportage style photography that is shot under natural light using minimal kit. I find the landscape and the action of climbing deeply inspirational. I relish the challenge of trying to shoot pictures under trying conditions. I could never work in a studio where I had control over what was happening.

Oliver Metherell is the man behind Super7: A quest to climb a find, climb and document the ascent of a new route on every one of the seven continents. As well as climbing new routes in  Australia and Europe; he's a keen Scottish winter climber (FWA of Sioux wall VIII,8, 1fall, Metherell and Ian Parnell). Metherell is a freelance journalist and his writing and photography have appeared in Climb, Climber, On the Edge, Summit, Scottish Mountaineer, The Scotsman, The Herald and Motorcycle Racer.