Rugged Reflections

Rugged Reflections - the wonders of the Lake District National Park from the air. The second installment of Heath & Heaven.

Rugged Reflections is the second part of Heath and Heaven, a Living Art project that looks at all the UK’s National Parks from an aerial perspective - a poetical insight into their captivating detail.

Part ii - Rugged Reflections: The Lake District

An aerial perspective revealing hidden treasures that cannot be seen from the ground, Rugged Reflections captures the sheer magnificence of the Lake District National Park from the air. Living Art founder Si Homfray spent one day hanging precariously out of a helicopter taking a series of photographs that makes up Rugged Reflections. 

The captivating images have been printed on to 12 lightboxes, each measuring 0.9m x 2.1m and as with Heath & Heaven Part i - The Peak District, Rugged Reflections opens up the whole of the Lake District National Park to everyone.

An aerial portrait of the Lake District National Park photographed from a helicopter all on one day, September 12th 2007.
Photography, Direction, Words and Design: Si Homfray
Pilot and Navigator: Jeremy Greaves and Mike Fallon.

The exhibition can be seen in person at the Lake District Visitor Centre at Brockhole, Windermere, Cumbria LA23 1LJ from February 9th 2008 until the end of Brockhole's season.

Rugged Reflections ONLINE

You can view the exhibition online, allbeit at a much smaller size!  > click here or the link below

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