Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature - An exhibition of original, rare and unusual photographic work on canvas. The inaugural Living Art launch collection kindly provided by world class photographer John Beatty.

Inspired by nature has been purposefully designed to give us many insights into the enormity, diversity, importance, texture and pattern of the natural world.
Living Art has chosen only a very small selection of what is a lifetime’s work. This work has been broken down into collections with titles such as Living World, Global Culture, Big Nature, Elements and Evolution.
The collections providing the differing viewpoints, colour and diversity that make our planet such an priviledge to share. In time many more images will emerge from John’s collection, but for now we hope you will enjoy our exhibition of world class photographs. We have savoured every minute of putting them together

'Inspired by nature'

'Inspired by nature' is an exhibition of work by John Beatty which has been digitally printed with the most technologically advanced printers available, using the highest quality archival inks on the market to create exceptional colour vibrancy and detail that will last forever. The prints have been mounted to block solid timber frames.