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Heath and Heaven Part i - the Peak District


HH Panoramic 80-20s

The Heath and Heaven Panoramic poster of part 1 - The Peak District.

The work is keen to convey calm and reflection, how healing and restorative, how exciting and fulfilling it can be to immerse ourselves in such a working rural environment.
Beautifully crafted photographs by John Beatty convey the forces of nature at work within the Park.
Through abstract and literal shots, we are taken on a journey, one day in the late Summer of 2005 from the northern most aspect of the Peak District, Black Hill and Laddow Rocks across moorland, village, valley, hilltop, landmark and over a seemingly endless mosaic of pattern and texture across the soft greens of southern limestone down to the Roaches and Staffordshire.
Keen to capture the spirit of the Park, ‘Heath & Heaven’ shows the detail, the warmth, the essence of why we love our Park, why we use our Park and why we should celebrate our Park and continue to fight to preserve it as it is.
‘Heath & Heaven’ aims to convey a message that this country’s first National Park is a minature working example of how life really can work in balance and harmony with nature, perhaps rather impudently citing it as an example for greater powers to take note.
‘Heath & Heaven’ as the title implies was undertaken after many years of discussion and deliberation, by Si Homfray as a thank you and a celebration of just how altogether remarkable this landscape is and through changing times always has been, to live and work within.

This labour of love was photographed from a helicopter, digitally composed, written, printed and framed on site at the Living Art premises in Hathersage within 24 hours, one Summer day in September.
Graphic design, words & print: Si Homfray, Photography: John Beatty.

The work:  measures a giant 8 m x 2.1m comprising 24 canvases


Heath Heaven Poster

(Illustrated above: Launch Poster)