Coming soon for 2010 - Snowdonia National Park - Eryri - from the air.

Heath and Heaven

Heath and Heaven is a Living Art project that looks at all the UK’s National Parks from an aerial perspective - a poetical insight into their captivating detail.

Part iii - Snowdonia National Park

First sortie - 17th September - Summer 2009 A flight over the Snowdonia National Park completing the first trilogy of work for the Heath and Heaven project.

Sponsor details to be confirmed.

Si Homfray (photographer) and Ben Carpenter (navigator) spent a whole day covering the Snowdonia National Park from the air. Zig Zagging their way over all the Welsh mountain summits they produced a series of 1500 photographs.  Due to external pressures to fly, perhaps before we were ready, for the most part the mountains were moody, misty and possibly even malevolent. Unlike the picture postcard series for the Lakes and the Peak District they are interesting and worthy but not uber sunny. Perhaps this is all part of some greater force, but for now it just means we will have to fly again.

Words can't really describe the sheer breadth of beauty of Snowdonia but - ' is really beautiful and quite different to the other parks when put alongside them from this aerial viewpoint.'

More news to follow as soon as we can...