Our Vision

Living Art is on a mission to create a National Treasure

– an Arts foundation for the Environment inspired by nature to greater things

Our vision sees us ultimately building and directing ever bigger and grander national touring exhibitions. These ambitious collaborative works bring together professional artists and the public to create extraordinary, unique themed works of art with one goal… to promote, preserve and protect the beauty of nature.

Through an original, innovative, responsible and, above all, entertaining approach, Living Art aims to make the natural world more accessible through art while championing the benefits of using our environment responsibly.

We aim to inform, educate and entertain people through all art forms that are inspired by, or work with, nature as its central theme.

Living Art aims to promote world nature through sales and public works of art by working with people and bodies who share our healthy vision for the world.

• We aim to promote and help in the conservation of the world’s natural heritage, landscape, flora, fauna and indigenous way of life.
• This will be done by raising funds for, or through collaborative and synergistic work with, selected parties both private and public, big and small, who share our common aim, vision, drive and concern.
• This will be done through the use, display, sale and enjoyment of Art as defined by ‘Living Art’.

Living Art is a not-for-profit organisation.

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