Living Art is a not-for-profit, social enterprise that works with artists and the public to produce and promote work inspired by the beauty of nature.

Our thoughts on not-for-profit enterprises

There are already a great number of brilliantly successful social enterprises, commercial enterprises who embrace a culture of not-for-profit. There are an equal number of different thoughts as to what it means.

Quite recently on the Dragons Den – the BBC allowed a start up business to be savaged by the Dragons, as leading ‘celebrity’ entrepreneurs displayed an alarming lack of understanding on just what ‘not for profit’ means.

We have always been proud of setting up Living Art as a NEW business – unafraid to be different, unafraid to challenge the conventional but always with one eye clearly on leading the change, being a part of the vanguard of the new social and cultural revolution of social conscience where both employees and the environment really matters. How can they not, we are all, we believe, irreversibly connected.

In equal and opposite measure a recent BBC radio programme the ‘bottom line’ on Radio 4 hosted a brilliant heartfelt discussion on what this meant to Anita Roddick – founder of the Body Shop, Tim Smitt – founder of the Eden project as well as Fiona Reynolds the National Trust's Director - General, and Lizzie Vann, Founder and Chairman of Organix.

This showed clearly that there were a great many ways to crack this nut but also that there was one simple common denominator – that it was not that these businesses weren’t in business to make money, they were clearly in business to be commercial, but being in business didn’t mean that profit was their sole preoccupation.
In other words YES go out there and build a business based on retained profit, but drive and run the business with not-for-profit values, don’t be a slave to profit, allow decisions to be made for the good of the workforce, with a social conscience and an environmental conscience.

We believe it has to be this way.

Si Homfray

R4 Bottom line

Living Art is:

1. A resource for:

artists (which includes: photographers, painters, sculptors, film producers, poets, textile artists, land artists and other workers in all forms of media)
aspiring artists 
the public

to be seen:
a. Through our portal website and supporting websites.
b. Through advice and supporting material.
c. Through exhibitions, art installations and many other more original means.

These people will share our vision for a sustainable natural world

2. A fun website and gallery(ies) that sells art associated with the natural world.

3. A catalyst, a portal, a medium or device for change - a voice.

4. A means of producing original, large scale public art installations and exhibitions of work
‘by the people for the people’.
Collaborative and engaging work that promotes the Living Art cause.

5. A social enterprise.